This is my small page of music links and other related stuff... you can see I'm very much into the music of Pink Floyd.
 Of all the PF albums out ('67 to now) my fave. is "The Final Cut"~ a thought provoking Lp with many insights into human behavior in it. Running second is "Animals"~ musically a great piece of work. As for single songs I think I would have to go with "Echoes". Fav. solo Lp is "Barrett" or "Amused to death".
When I was a child my father used to place my sister and I in the middle of his 4 floor standing speakers and "make" us listen to "the dark side of the moon". At the time I thought he was totally nuts. Now, I understand what he was trying to do... as an audiophile he just loved the "popcorn" stereo effect.
When "Wish you were here" came out it just lived on his turntable platter. Being that I was very young, I used to ask him to put on "the gravy train song", later I found out the song was "Have a cigar". This was the FIRST piece of music I ever asked to be played.
Later (Nov. 30th '79) when "The Wall" came out we got a healthy dose of that LP too. I thought the lyric in "Mother", "...mother will they try to break my balls" was the funniest thing I ever heard. Gerrold Scarff's image of the "judge" also put me in hysterical laughter (mind you I was still a child).
Now that I am older I can appreciate Floyd for what they are, good musicians who make good music. Syd and Waters are in my opinion the best lyricists since recorded music began.

With lyrics like
"Sweetheart, sweetheart are you fast asleep? Good. Because that's the only time that I can really speak to you. And there is something that I've locked away. A memory that is too painful to withstand the light of day".
My father is now dead and the most important thing of his that I have is his copy of "The Wall". My sister has his copy of "Wish you were here". We both value them for the memories they carry.
I have everything they ever released (as far as I know). I am always looking for live video or audio recordings or rare studio tracks.

I remember as a child when the film "Pink Floyd's The Wall" came out almost 3 years after the LP that I don't know who this Pink Floyd guy is but he must be genius to make a movie based on an Lp that came out years ago, and have them overlap so well. No matter how many time is hear a Floyd or Syd, Waters solo Lp I still take away something different each time after hearing it.
Syd and Waters will always be important poets to me and up on the list of great lyricists with Zappa and Lennon/McCartney.